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About Us

First and foremost, the Old Car Manual Project is a library: a central place where anyone can come to get the information they need.

How this happens is by volunteers scanning their hard-to-find documents into a digital format, so that everyone can have access to the information in them. Contribution guidlines are here.

Everything is available for free viewing on the site; we don't ask for registration or membership. We run our own servers and pay for them through the advertising on the site and through donations.

The Buick section of the site is meant to house all Buick manuals and literature up to around 1988. It's a big job and it will take a while. If you're interested in moderating or editing the Buick section - or any other part of the site, or you would like to have your own section - please contact the webmaster (see below).

Contact Information

by email: rusty@oldcarmanualproject.com

by snail mail:

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If you donate materials for scanning by mail, we'll get to them as soon as possible. Scanning is a slow process so this can take quite a while. Please see our how to contribute page before sending materials by mail.